Where are your massage therapists from?

One of the main objectives at UrutGo is to empower the local community by providing a skilled career opportunity to underprivileged women. Therefore, all our massage therapists are Malaysian women from communities around you.

How do you ensure the safety of your clients?

At UrutGo, we implement a strict background screening for all therapists and ensure they are Malaysian citizens before they join UrutGo. Our mobile app will also feature a help button that will alert us or relevant authorities to act immediately in case of an emergency.

Can we check the credentials of the therapist or select our therapist before booking?

To make sure there is a fair share of jobs for all therapists, the feature of choosing your therapist will not be available at the beginning. We seek your kind understanding in this matter. Rest assured that all our therapists are trained to deliver our signature massage experience at its best.

Is this service available in Penang or any other territories outside of Klang Valley?

UrutGo services are currently available in Central Klang Valley only.

Where will the massage take place? In the living room, bedroom or anywhere else? If I have a small house, will that be a problem?

You will be able to enjoy our services at the comfort of your home! Our therapists are trained to perform the massage anywhere at your home, preferably indoors in a comfortable temperature. We recommend having the massage on soft surfaces such as a bed for the best experience. The size of your house does not matter as long as there’s reasonable space for us to perform the massage.

Do you offer post-natal, pre-natal or neck massages?

We only offer full body massage at the moment but we’re looking to introduce more massage services in the near future.

Do you do massages for men?

We do not provide any massages for men as UrutGo services are only catered to women. Thank you for your understanding.

Do I need to prepare towels, oils or any necessities for the massage?

All equipments and tools required for the massage will be prepared by our trained therapists. All you need to do is provide us a bed or any soft surface of your choice to start the session!

Does UrutGo provide corporate services? Can I request the massage to be delivered to my company address?

The UrutGo App only offers home-based services at the moment. For corporate services, please send an email to to submit your request.

How soon can I book for a massage session?

You can book your massage as early as 2 weeks before the session or at least 4 hours prior to the session.

Can I request for an immediate service?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to cater to immediate services as our trained therapists require a minimum preparation time in order to give you the best experience. Therefore, we can only accept service requests 4 hours before service time.

Can I book a session for my friend or family member?

Yes, you can book a session on behalf of any female friend or family member.

Can I change the address of my booking that has been made?

Address change is not allowed after the service request is sent. Kindly check your service address before you confirm your booking.

Can I change the date or time for my massage session after booking?

Since our therapists will require a minimum preparation time, you are not allowed to change the date and/or time of your booking 2 hours before service time. However, you may postpone your scheduled session any time before this period.

Can I cancel the service if I have an emergency?

Yes, you can cancel your appointment. However, a minimum admin charge of 3% will be applied if the cancellation is made over 2 hours prior to the massage session. No refund will be given if the cancellation is between 2 hours prior to the massage session.

Can I request for an extension during the massage?

Time extension is not allowed as our therapists will have to tend to their next customer. However, you can always book a new session with us.


I am interested to join UrutGo as a massage therapist, what should I do?

You may click here ( and fill up the registration form to send in your application. Our representative will be in touch with you if you are qualified.

What are the requirements to apply as a massage therapist at UrutGo?

Below are the requirements needed to apply as a massage therapist at UrutGo:

– Females only
– Malaysian Citizen or PR of Malaysia
– Aged between 21 to 50 years old
– Excellent Health Record
– Ready to work in short notice
– Keen to learn the art of healing
– No criminal record

I have a full time job now but I’m also interested in to be a part time UrutGo massage therapist. Is that possible?

Yes, there is no time constraint when you work as an UrutGo therapist. The hours are flexible and you are free to deliver jobs whenever you are available. Therefore, it is possible to work part time with us even if you are only able to work on weekends.

Do I need to have basic massage skills or a certificate to become a massage therapist under UrutGo?

No, it is not necessary to have any massage skills or certificate prior to joining us. You will be required to attend a full training course to become a certified massage therapist before joining the UrutGo team.

Is the recruitment only based in Kuala Lumpur? If I’m staying in a different state, can I still join?

Our services are only available in Klang Valley at the moment. Hence, we are currently just accepting candidates living within Klang Valley. However, we are looking to expand our services beyond the city. So stay tuned!

Will there be any applicable fees to join UrutGo as a massage therapist?

No fees are required to apply as a massage therapist under UrutGo. However, you will be required to pay a fully-refundable deposit of RM500.00 for the massage equipment supplied to you once you start work.

What is the minimum working hour per day?

There is no minimum working hour required at UrutGo. You are free to accept jobs whenever you like. However, the minimum delivery time for a 60-minute massage is 90-minutes.

Do you provide training for therapist?

Yes, all qualified candidates are required to attend our full training course to be certified as a massage therapist under UrutGo.

Do I need to use my own transport to get to the customers? Will my expenses be covered?

Transportation will be provided by our partner, Grab and all traveling expenses will be covered by UrutGo.

Do I have to prepare my own equipments for massage services?

No, all equipments needed for the massage session will be provided to you by UrutGo.

Can I bring along a companion to a customer’s house?

No, you are not allowed to bring anyone else when delivering a massage.

What is the age requirement to become a therapist under UrutGo?

We only accept applicants within the age of 21 to 50 years old.

I’m a foreigner, can I apply to be a therapist under UrutGo?

Yes, but only if you are a Permanent Resident of Malaysia with valid Malaysian IC.