Year-end Holidays: #SangatStress

Yes, believe it or not, 2018 is coming to an end! It’s time to sit back and plan for 2019. Are you on track for that promotion? Have you fulfilled all your 2018 resolutions? Did you know you’ll be another year older next year? 😂 #sangatstress

Okay, okay, we’ll stop asking questions. Let’s look forward to the year-end festivities instead!

#SangatStress 1: Year-end Family Gatherings

Things at work are winding down, so everyone has more time on their hands to rilek a bit to meet up. But wait, if it’s a potluck then you’ll have to make your famous signature dish. And oh, that auntie is coming? Get prepared for the “when are you getting a boyfriend” questions then. Now you wonder if you should hire one to come with you. But maybe you’ll have a boyfriend by then. Will you be prepared as a couple for…this?



There are other things to do in life, you know!?

Stress sangat…


#SangatStress 2: Year-end Holiday!

Now, who doesn’t love a holiday? Get away from your daily routine, explore a new place, eat new food, see new people, do new things you’ll never do if you’re just sitting at home!


Your friend sent you a Whatsapp message. He said his budget for the trip is RMxxx. Ha? This budget only cukup for cuti-cuti Malaysia lah. Byebye Eurotrip.


Another friend messages you. She needs to bring her kids with her because her mother-in-law is very something something (cannot say here). You love her kids, but…


You too, want to throw a tantrum.

Stress sangat…


#SangatStress 3: Year-end Bonus!

Okay, what could possibly be bad about extra pocket money? Even if it’s just a one-month bonus, cukup lah. Right? But last year you heard someone got RM50. What if that person is you this year!? You could really use the bonus to cover that super awesome vacuum cleaner last month. You can’t remember anymore why you bought it, but it’s something about adulting.


This was a 100% good purchase.

Juuust a little bit stress…


#SangatStress 4: Year-end Makan

Malaysians do what they do best! Whether or not you’re going to be in town, food is definitely part of the plan. And good food can be found everywhere, not just Penang! #UnpopularOpinion Except that the comment you recently got about your belly and how ‘prosperous’ you look…


If you press hard enough, it might go away.


But AH HAH! You have that gym membership that you’ve been paying for all year but only used in January. You’ll gym kaw kaw until year end to get your money’s worth.



Stress sangat…


Okay, take a deep breath. One step at a time. And we’ll help you with the first step! Share with us your #StressSangat stories: it can be about a holiday, your family, friends, imaginary boyfriend – we don’t judge!

Keep it to 100 words and submit it in the comments section of our Facebook post (submissions in English and Malay are welcome!). Our panel of stress experts will pick the best 2 #StressSangat stories and winners will get one (1) free 90-minute therapy a month for one whole year*! Feeling less stressed already? 😉

Cepats, deadline is 5pm, 20 December 2018!

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